loft bed

Loft beds are great for individuals of all ages, especially those people short on space. Instead of choosing uncomfortable pull-out sofas or chairs that turn into beds or the space saving but awkward Murphy bed, consider choosing a loft bed instead. Allowing you to retain a proper sleeping space while keeping your sacred floor space, loft beds are excellent choices for individuals of all ages in all living spaces. For the most part, loft beds are quite inexpensive and are worth their weight in gold when you see the amount of space saved by these great beds. Individuals of all ages should buy a loft bed, from toddlers entering their first bed to young adults entering the real world.

Kids love loft beds because of the sheer novelty. The sleeping space is elevated, like in a bunk bed, but there is space below instead of a bed which he or she may use only when friends come over to visit. If you are choosing a loft bed for older children, consider avoiding lofts that are a great distance off the ground. Many manufacturers are including kid-sized loft beds that combine a play space with a sleeping space in a fantastic theme that will tickle the child’s minds and imaginations.

Teens are including loft beds into their rooms more and more these days, especially since a teen’s room is much more than a sleeping space. Decorating sources like Pottery Barn Teen frequently have loft beds in their catalogues. These beds allow space below for desks, couches, or anything else that is a must for a teen’s bedroom. Since loft beds are generally associated with college dorm rooms, teens enjoy having a more grown-up option in their bedroom instead of a typical bed that takes up the majority of the floor space.

Again, college students are known for having raw wood two by fours crafted into loft beds to maximize space in tiny dorm rooms. In addition to losing floor space, students are thrown into a room with a roommate, so having a loft bed will eliminate problems associated with roommates sitting or laying on your bed. Furthermore, most dorm rooms do not have enough space for desks, so consider enlisting a loft to allow space for these absolute necessities.

College graduates soon find the lodging in the real world is greatly comparable to dorm rooms. First apartments are notoriously small, so consider bringing the loft bed concept to your bedroom to (again) maximize space. The lofts commercially produced are generally a great deal more sophisticated than the phone number laden lofts of higher education. Whether you choose a sleek modern loft or one with the frills and soft colors of a feminine favorite shabby chic, the loft bed will allow you to create your own statement by squeezing every last square inch out of your room.


bedding for kids

Gone are the days when pinks and blues were the colors for young ones. With the growing revolution on colors and interchanging moods and hobbies, we see the gender line just pass off on colors, for best, we hope. Don’t be surprised to see a cupboard full of balls and motorbikes in your little angel’s favorite toy stock. Nor are boys so much after blues after all….

When decorating your kid’s room, keep in mind his and her temperament and use colors that blend with individual likings. There are many designer bedroom suites that adhere to some real trendy colors, where you don’t really need to run to stores and rework on adjusting heights, it’s all ready for use. You can then focus on bits that personalize the space with your kid’s choice. You know things like wall paint, paper and draperies, rugs and other pieces like it—the details.

On a general note, these are some of the areas you may like to pay attention to. Another way is to buy a few elements of essential furniture like beds and study tables with chairs and work on others, to cut off costs. Listed here are some attention paying factors you could use when planning a kid’s bedroom,

Walls & Colors

Like mentioned earlier, you can get more inventive with color and schemes. Murals are a great way to do a dull wall and add life. Wallpapers come in different creative patterns for kids. If painting, try to use water-based colors. It can be cleaned more easily. You can also use colorful tiling on the walls, provided it goes with the other colors. In case you are starting from scratch, it would be better to do the wall colors and then get furniture that matches.


Light is important and in a child’s life it gets even bigger. Use bright lights over the study, and to highlight certain accents or favorite corners. Floor lights may be great, as also dimmable lights. You can find many creative shapes and designs that can compliment your kid’s room. Make your child participate in the process and it will be a fulfilling experience for you both.


Floor tiles come in fancy colors, but it is advised to pay attention to details. You don’t want slippery tiles in kid’s room. Wooden flooring may be great, or regular non-slippery and good quality tiles can be fine too, and you can cover them up with rugs for novelty. You can find many friendly rug patterns specially designed for kids.


You get so much of kid furniture these days that you can wonder if it will be of any use two years down the line. The essential probably are the regular ones—bed or twin beds/bunk beds, a spacious cupboard, and bookshelf, a study table with comfortable chair. An added safety point, try to buy furniture with rounded edges in a kid’s room.


Possibilities know no bound when it comes to draping the windows. Use creativity to add to the glamour and theme. Stained glass, tented windows with white lace, shadowed windows where you block light to shadow shapes, or nicely draped windows that go with a theme.

All but one

Planning pays. If you decide on exactly the things you want, and the budget on hand, you can use the planning to create the effect you want without burning the pocket. Allow your child to participate; he/she may have the most practical thing on mind for his study, display or play. It works best when you know your kid’s mind. And feels like a teamwork too. You can let her/him know the budget and work together. Quality must be of high priority when buying sheets, pillow covers and cushions. Include play and store cubes to avoid clutter, use bright colors in the playroom, try and round up on non-breakable material for kids like to play a lot.

Lastly, unleash your creative juices when doing kid interiors. Kids are imaginative, so allow you the freedom to think like a child again. You will be happy with the work when you see your kid smile, and innovation as we know, is priceless.


Purchasing beds for children is not something parents often look forward to. However, it doesn’t have to be a problem if you plan things ahead. The secret is to obtain a bed that your kid will enjoy for an extended period to come. There’s entirely nothing wrong with race automobile beds, princess beds, cruising ship beds or other custom, dream kids’ beds. These tend to go well with say, their set of Maileg toys in Australia and other bedroom accessories your child may already have . However, you need to get them at the right time and for the right reasons.

If your children are into a brand-new thing each week or every other week, wait a little while before getting them a brand-new bed. If a month goes by and they still desires that race car or princess castle bed, then by all means proceed with the purchase. However, you need to  tell them first that they will have to stick with it for the next couple years.

Your options in children’s beds

As parents, you likewise need to think about how frequently you can manage to buy your child a bed. Beds for children can be found in a variety of sizes, but functionality is always better in the long term. When your kid hits a new stage in life (adolescent years), the last thing you wish to have to do is right away purchase him a new bed.


Purchase a bed that your kid will grow into to save both money and inconvenience. Reputable brands such as Maileg beds for children offer excellent value for money and will serve your child well for many years to come.

You likewise ought to consider your child’s lifestyle and preferences when purchasing a bed for a child. Does your kid have friends concern slumber parties frequently? It may make more sense to buy a bunk bed now rather than waiting and having to purchase another one in a few year. Bunk beds permit your kid to play host easier to a friend and can accommodate cousins and future kids. They are not suitable  for everyone, nevertheless. Bunk beds for kids are a terrible concept if your kid is rambunctious or has poor self-control. Even with the railing, it is simple for a child to climb up, leap, or roll off the side of a bunk bed as they please. Parents know their child best and can make the right call based on these factors.



Your baby was safely sheltered in the cozy cocoon of your womb for nine months before being transported into the big bad world. No wonder swaddling her makes her feel ‘at home’.

What is swaddling?
Swaddling is snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket to make her feel safe and secure. Parents of colicky babies swear by swaddling. It also helps some babies to sleep more soundly.

The art of swaddling
Follow these simple steps to become a swaddling expert in no time.

Spread a blanket on a flat surface and fold down a corner a few inches. Place baby diagonally on her back so that her head rests just above the fold. Pull one corner of the blanket across her body to tuck it under her back. Then hold the other corner and wrap your baby snugly, while tucking it in the rest of the blanket. Lastly, pull the lower corner up to tuck it under baby’s chin to complete a secure swaddle. Special swaddling blankets make this process simpler.

Take care not to leave any folds or lumps on the underside that may cause discomfort to baby. If your baby is more comfortable with her hands free, you can wrap below her arms so that she retains some mobility.

How does swaddling help my baby?

Swaddling is thought to simulate the warmth and coziness of the womb to make your baby feel safe and secure. It provides the extra warmth that your baby might need, until his body temperature control mechanism starts functioning well.

Swaddled babies sleep well and are not awakened by their own startle reflex. A bundled baby is easier to carry as a compact package even while he is sleeping.

Most importantly swaddling can calm your fussy or colicky baby and can help him fall asleep.

Before you start swaddling.
Take care not to cover your baby’s face, since that could suffocate her. Be sure the swaddle is snug but not too tight to squeeze her limbs and cut off circulation; leave some room for her to flex his legs.

Avoid swaddling in warm weather, to prevent overheating, a risk factor for SIDS.

Once you perfect the art of swaddling, your baby may soon look forward to be cuddled up in a swaddle.

Once your baby starts getting active, it is time to stop swaddling her. You get your cue when she starts kicking the swaddling blanket away. Some babies might enjoy being wrapped up for a much longer time.

There is no specific age limit for swaddling but 4-5 months seems to be the consensus. Beyond that age, babies usually kick off their blankets, which can then turn into suffocation hazards.

Some babies may never like to be swaddled though! Abandon the practice after a few trials if baby continues to be restless when swaddled.